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Business Analysis

  • Do you like a salary range of $45,000 (entry level BA) - $120,000 (senior BA)?
  • Do you like to ask What, Why, Who, Where, When, How?
  • Are you social and engaging?
  • Do you possess good communication skills?

If your answer is "YES" to any or all of the above





USA Based Trainers with real time experience in various domains as Sr/Lead BAs.

Mock Interview & Resume Preparation along with practical and real time projects.


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  • What is “Business Analysis”?
  • Why should you be a BA?
    • Significance of BA
    • Project Failures, Statistics & Reasons
    • Global & US IT Spending
  • Opportunities for a BA
    • Job Ratio & Growth Potential
    • Real-time Challenge
  • Pre-requisites
  • What is a company?
  • Different Departments
    • Roles/Job Types
    • Tasks/Responsibilities
  • IT Dept and relationship with others
  • Positioning of BA
  • Types of Organizations
    • Organization Chart
    • PM & FM Authority & Influence
  • Assignment: Various Departments & Roles
  • History & Definition of Project
  • Types of Projects
  • Dependencies of projects on other project
  • Roles & responsibilities of PM
    • Work Break Down Structure
    • Critical Path Analysis
    • Project Plan
    • Issue Resolution/Conflict Management
  • Project Plan using MS-Project
    • Task creation
    • Relationship between Tasks
    • Gantt Charts
    • Resource Allocations
  • Triple Constraints
  • PMP Certification
  • Assignment: Create Project Plan using MS-Project
  • Define Business & Analysis
  • Role of a BA
  • Tasks BA may also do
  • Tasks BA may not do
  • Phases
  • Key People
  • Activities
  • Deliverables
  • Product Life Cycle vs. SDLC Life Cycle
  • Assignment: Case Study Selection
  • Functional
  • Non-Functional/Supplementary
  • Data
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Derived Requirements
  • Design Requirements
  • Other Requirements
  • Assignment: Identify 10 Functional Requirements for two gadgets
  • Assignment: Create Requirements Artifact for the assigned Case Study
  • Assignment: Create UI screens for the assigned Case Study using UI tool
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Dictionary
  • Data Mapping
  • Characteristics of Data
  • Assignment: Create Data Dictionary for the assigned Case Study
  • Waterfall
  • Spiral
    • Risk Management
    • Risk Quantification
  • Assignment: Create a Risk Register
  • Assignment: Facilitate the review of the requirements artifact, data dictionary & UI screens
  • Agile Methodology
  • Extreme Programming
    • User Stories
    • CRC Cards
    • Spike Solutions
  • Rational Unified Process (RUP)
    • Business Context
    • Business Case
    • Vision Document
    • Use Cases
    • Use Case Relationships
    • User Manuals
    • Release Notes
  • Waterfall vs. RUP Comparison
  • Planning Phase Artifacts (Project Management)
  • Discovery Artifacts
  • Requirements Artifacts – PRD, BRD, FSD, FRD, & FRS
  • Design Artifacts
  • Test Artifacts
  • Assignment: Compare PRD, BRD & FSD
  • Structure Diagrams
    • Class, Component, Composite Structure, Deployment, Object & Package Diagrams
  • Behavior Diagrams
    • Activity, State Machine & Use Case Diagrams
  • Interaction Overview Diagrams
    • Communication, Interaction Overview, Sequence, & Timing Diagrams
  • Assignment: Create Use Case Diagrams
  • Assignment: Create Activity Diagrams
  • Requirements Gathering Techniques
  • Elicitation
    • Analyses
      • Business Rule Analysis
      • Documentation Analysis
      • Process Analysis
    • Brainstorming
    • Observation
    • Job Shadowing
  • Meeting Facilitation
    • JAD, RAD, Review Meetings
  • Communication
  • Other skills
    • Preparing Status Reports & Meeting Minutes
    • Making a conference call, Using Outlook, Net Meeting
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Change Request Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Types of business situation analyses
    • GAP
    • SWOT
    • MOST
    • PESTLE
    • CATWOE
    • Cost Benefit
  • ITIL Concepts
  • Process Re-engineering / Process Re-modeling
  • Version Controlling
  • Business Intelligence / Analytics Reporting
  • Assignment: Create Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • Contracts
    • Statement of Work
    • Request for Proposal
    • Service Level Agreement
  • Architectures
    • Client Server Architecture
    • Service Oriented Architecture
    • Cloud Computing
  • Standards & Compliance
    • ISO / SEI-CMM Standards
    • SOX Compliance
    • HIPAA
    • HL7
  • Governance Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)
  • Test case creation
  • Testing Life Cycle – V Model
  • Test plan overview
  • Defect Fix Cost Analysis
  • Types of testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • System Testing
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Non-Functional Software Testing
    • Black box testing
    • White box testing
    • Grey box testing
  • Assignment: Create Test Cases
  • What is SQL
  • SQL Statements
  • Finance
    • Banking
      • Private Banking
      • Corporate/Small Business Banking
    • Mortgage
      • Loan Evaluation Request
      • Debt Ratio – Front Ratio & Back Ratio
      • Loan to Value Ratio
      • FICO Scores
    • Stocks & Bonds
      • Common Stocks
      • Preferred Stocks
      • Derivatives – Options/Futures
      • Stock Trading
      • Private Bonds
      • Government Bonds
    • Investment Options/Techniques
  • Healthcare
    • Medicaid and Medicare Parts A, B, C & D
    • Private Health Insurance
      • Healthcare Policy Types – Group, PPO & HMO
      • Quote Issuance
      • Enrollment
      • Claims Processing
      • ICD 9/ICD 10 Introduction – Diagnosis & Procedure Codes
    • Electronic Medical/Health Records
      • Core Capabilities
      • COTS EMR Applications
  • Pharmaceutical
    • Drug Discovery Phases
    • Clinical Trial Management
      • Electronic Data Capture
      • Clinical Data Warehouse
  • Telecom
    • Speech Interactive Voice Response System
      • Voice User Interface (VUI)
    • Call Center Technologies
      • Intelligent Call Routing Manager
      • Virtual Hold
      • Screen Pop
  • Billing Systems
    • Call Detail Record (CDR)
    • Rating Engine
    • Bill Calculator
    • Invoice Generator

Mode of Training: 36 Hours of trainer led class instruction via web conferencing tools

Materials & Blogs: Students will receive access to online materials, case studies, extra read, & interview tips which are mobile device compatible once they enroll

7 Domains & Case Studies: BA Training in 7 different domains enabling students to succeed with a wide array of choices
Students will be assigned with case studies and will be provided with tools and templates required to create a complete suite of BA artifacts

Interview Success: Special attention to clearing job interviews will be the focus from day one of the training

"I enjoyed taking this course. Very helpful and informative BA Course. Naveen is an extremely good coach and an experienced instructor. Pleasure being in his class and interacting with other students, as he makes each session interesting, professional and educative. It has helped me get a job as a BA. Thank You Naveen!" --Sharon.T

"I am really impressed with the training on the BA concepts and especially hats off to Naveen who is a wonderful coach who is very knowledgeable. I am glad I got into training with BAinUSA. Good job guys!" --Sandhya.K

"I'm very much satisfied with this training program and really want to appreciate my trainer Naveen for his effort & time. I have already undergone another training program where in I was not taught of the BA concepts & about documentation as Naveen did. Infact somethings were new to me and I see that I didn't learn a lot in my previous training. Now, I am sure that my money is not wasted and Naveen did a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend BAinUSA to anyone I know." --Unna.V

"The course was very structured. Trainer's teaching techniques were excellent and unique. Encouragement of trainer for student participation is highly commendable. Overall the course was very beneficial and I will recommend it to my friends. I hope to find a BA job with the knowledge I gained in this course. Thanks to the trainer and BAinUSA team for offering this course." --Madhavi.S

"Instructor has very good knowledge and communication skills...very parctical." --Shivani.T

"The trainer has done a great job giving explanation with various examples/stories at every stage which really helped me understand the BA concepts. Thank you Sir." --Rohini.M

"It was a great experience learning from Naveen. I feel much more confident now. Thank you for the support and help." -- Aditya.M

"The training was really good. The best part of the training was the assignments & homework because they gave me hands on experience in understanding the concepts and also getting familiarized with the different software tools. Great Job Naveen !!!" -- Jisha.T

"Great Teacher and Great Course! First thing I would like to mention is that I wouldn't have taken the course if the instructor was not Naveen. He really is a great teacher who explains clearly and a good pace. I think it would be very reasonable to give 95% of the credit for this to the instructor. For me he made the course interesting and useful. I have had many teachers in my time as a student. Naveen is the best teacher I ever had."Great Job". I am sure, I will miss the class." -- Anoj.B

"It was a wonderful training, I learned a lot and something new as well, I have attended several other online classes for other courses and they are not at all interactive compared to this and Naveen is the best with his knowledge and teaching skill he provides all the real time knowledge in the class as well it is worth and I recommend BAinUSA to all who are looking for BA class." -- Ravi.R

"Excellent Training Program." -- Anitha.G

"I like everything about the training." -- Jyothi.M

"Excellent Program!!! great resource for beginners or people who want to transition to a BA role." -- Rashmi.G

“It's really a good training program which would be very helpful to many people who are interested in BA, I wish all the success and I would really suggest my friends to join this program." -- Rahul Babu.C

"Thank you for your support and suggestions. It has been a "Happy Learning" all through the course of the training meetings. I would surely recommend this training to my friends who are interested in BA training. Good Luck to you too for all the future endeavors." -- Kamal.S

"Thanks for providing very informative and knowledgeable BA training." -- Nidhi.S

"Excellent Training. I thoroughly enjoyed and instructor is knowledge house." --Nitu.J

"Trainer provides utmost attention to each student. The training material is qualitative and unmatched in the industry." -- Sriram.I

"Thank you so much for your time in teaching us. I definitely learned a lot." -- Khurram.M

"This course has helped me a lot. One month back before the training program my confidence levels were very very low' but today very confident not only with myself but also all the concepts that were taught are so crystal clear in my mind. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us. I would say it is a very unique program. I have never seen an online training program so interactive and so interesting. Given a chance I would love to fill pages with how thankful and excited I am but have to stop somewhere. Thanks a lot again. Proud to be your student. Thank you." -- Lavanya.P

"You are awesome." -- Swathi.S

"Very dedicated and knowledgeable instructor, the training has given us in-depth knowledge in a considerably short time, great material-extra reads, webinars, over and above the notes r just fantabulous!!" --Shobha.A

"Keep up the good work." --Vishnu.M

"You did an excellent job. I completely enjoyed the training. It is hard to believe that, I learned so much in just 2 weeks and ready to face interviews for job. The whole experience was fantastic and you would be my only recommendation if some one wants a BA training." --Sangeetha.G

"It was an honor to be in your class. You are a terrific instructor. I enjoyed the class. Thank you." -- Krish.V

"Excellent Instructor. Thank you so much" --Sejal.P

"All the Best. I really enjoyed being in this training. Wish me a good luck in my BA career." -- Ratnakar.V

"Instructor is a real GEM....he will always try to understand your problem and help you with the same. He posses excellent industry domain knowledge. He is a excellent trainer and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for BA training." --Sheela.M

"I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Real time examples and ample time for discussions and reviewing the previous days class are the hallmarks. Thank you." --Bhanu.V

"I appreciate the efforts put in by the instructor to make this program unique in its content and delivery. I must admit this training was helpful. Thank you!!!" --Rachel.P

"Thank you Naveen, the daily review has helped build my self confidence and I will keep working on it." -- Heena.S

"Very good training, even if chosen not to become a BA, will definitely help in the professional path." -- Shalini.G

"Excellent! Very informative and knowledgeable. Great attitude and willingness to pass down the information, i would strongly recommend. Keep up the good work." --Faraz.R

"Naveen is the best teacher I ever had ." --Kavya.K

"BA training was really Good Learning but Program should be little longer" -- Amol.P

"Naveen , You are doing wonderful job by helping students "with dedication for betterment of students "... keep in touch --Meenu.V

"I think the overall training was great. I will apply myself and be proactive in learning about business analyst. Time and dedication is my job." --Kasie.C

"Naveen has great teaching skills and to make understand the people well with the concepts." --Sunil.P

"This class will gain you confidence and the instructor's guidance will definitely help to clear BA interviews." --Sonali.S

"Naveen You have done a great job.I who has not been working for 5 years feel confident to start my professional career all over again.This training not only reminded me of the basics and skills needed to become a business analyst but a lot more than that and also gave me enough confidence to at least get myself into the interview...I thank you for your time and effort.You have mastered the art. I hope to work with you some day Good luck and Thank for your effort." --Namita.A

"Training covers the real time examples supported by extra read materials which helps to enhance the BA skills for beginners. I am fully satisfied with the training offered by would definitely recommend my friends who are looking for BA Training." --Sagun.C

"This course is definitely an excellent investment. I very highly recommend it to any body interested to get into BA career!" --Moutasem.J

"Training was very effective & I was able to learn a lot with the live examples provided by Naveen. At the end of session I was very confident about the concepts & assignments." --Kiran.N

"It was a wonderful training and I seriously really really appreciate your dedication and hard work to make the class so interesting." -- Passang.S

"Very thorough and knowledgeable instructor, all the material provided were excellent, overall a great experience.thank you" -- Shiva.A

"A very interesting way to learn business analysis. I would totally recommend it. Thank you !!!" -- Madhu.V

"Naveen, you have very good knowledge of the subject. This training improved my confidence levels to get a job. the overall training was really good. Thank you." -- Pranavi.C

  • 15+ Years of IT Business Analysis Experience & Project Management across various domains viz., Banking, Credit Card, Mortgage, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Retail, e-Commerce, Supply Chain, Telecom, Engineering, Manufacturing with experiences in several Fortune 100 companies in the USA.
  • Experience in clearing over 75 BA job interviews successfully and provides needed tools and techniques to students to clear their very first job interview.
  • Veteran trainer that trained over 800 students globally over the course of 8 years with experience conducting in-class and online classes up to 30 people.
  • Holds active Project Management Professional (PMP) & Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification
  • Member of multiple professional organizations such as PMI, IIBA, Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance, ASQ, AMA, ToastMasters International, etc