Intelli Solution

Welcome to Intelli Solution

Intelli Solution has always been at the forefront in providing customized staffing services for the clients across the USA in various domains. We serve clients and job seekers in technology staffing by providing cutting-edge IT staffing solutions to deliver substantive business value that encompasses resources required by organizations for enhancing business solutions and improving project outcomes.

We strive to help clients gain strategic advantage and capitalize on their technology and human capital investments while minimizing costs and risks and increasing cash flow and profitability. For companies seeking to access talent and sharpen their workforce, we support our clients’ needs in talent acquisition by:

  • Analyzing client requirements
  • Sourcing / Seeking / Screening and matching resources
  • Verifying and Short listing
  • Internal evaluation and interview
  • Scheduling client interview
  • Selection of candidates
  • Induction and orientation
  • Continuous Performance tracking

Our staffing models

We provide the following three types of staffing services for our clients and employers.

Contract Staffing

Many organizations today would like to have the flexibility of on-boarding and off-boarding the resources based on the demand. Staff augmentation or contract staffing is the solution in order to procure top talent for project and operations work and meet business objectives in a timely manner. Contract Staffing provides employers a way to add more workers for a short term increase in the workforce. Using temps or contract staff allows firms to replace a missing regular employee. A temp workers competency and value can be determined without the inflexibility of hiring a new person and seeing how they work out.

Our contract staffing model meets your needs in an agile way and keep the costs low and allows you to be flexible.

Contract to Hire Staffing

Contract-to-Hire agreements outline a set length of time a contractor will work for the employer. At the end of that set period, the employer decides if the contractor will be hired as a permanent employee or dismiss the contractor. Contract-to-hire relationships work well by allowing both contractor and employer to benefit from a trial period prior to the consummation of a full-time hire. The contract evaluation period often calms uneasiness and allows for faster initial on-boarding, thus preventing important company initiatives from falling behind while the company waits to find the “perfect” candidate.

Our contract to hire staffing model meets your needs by identifying skilled resources with long-term potential giving you the opportunity to evaluate the long term employability before making a permanent hire offer.

Direct Placement

When a client has a long-term need, direct hire is ideal. Direct hire positions are permanent, usually full-time positions with benefits. We will be involved during the recruitment and hiring process, but after an offer is accepted, the candidate goes directly on the client’s payroll. It is ideal for candidates who are not as comfortable taking the risk of working contract. Direct hire employees are eligible for company benefits such as health, retirement, and PTO, and have the security of a long-term, permanent position.

Our direct hiring model conducts a recruitment campaign and performs an initial screening of well-qualified candidates after which they are presented to the client for further interviews and evaluation for permanent direct hire.